2019 Contributors in alphabetical order.

Eddie Corcoran

Méchant Métrique is the thing of a thousand influences. And lots of electronic music. Also a moniker Eddie Corcoran to create & perform music under.

Brian Horsfield

Brian Horsfield is The Aefonic – a mainly modular synth musician who hails from the United Kingdom but calls Boulder, CO home nowadays. The Aefonic is a musical project that has been many years in the making and embraces live performance and studio recording of Electronica based on a wide and varied set of influences.


  • 002: Record Store Takeover

Victor John

Victor John performs under the name Cold Future and is 1/2 of the duo Moss Pog.


Victoria Lundy

Victoria Lundy has been playing theremin in the Denver experimental/underground scene since the 90s. She was a member of the avant garde Carbon Dioxide Orchestra, a founding member of Denver’s acclaimed nerd rock band The Inactivists, and has been a guest player live and in recordings with other artists as well as a solo electronic artist. She is one of the founders of Cuttlefish Arts print + web design agency.


  • Brand identity consulting
  • SynthPatrol logos

Malia Martinez

Malia Martinez performs music solo under the name Neptune Luau and is 1/2 of the the duo Moss Pig.

Mark Mosher

Mark Mosher (aka NewEcho) is an electronic & experimental musician, and multimedia artist. He is also a digital storyteller and Jedi planner and has been producing award winning shows, and meetups for over 7 years. He was the sound designer for UCCS Theatreworks for a season and has done interactive multimedia installations for the Bob Moog Foundation and the city of Denver.


Christoph Scholtes

Christoph Scholtes created monoscene as a vehicle for creative risk taking in experimental electronic music with an ambient focus. He likes cassette tapes, thrift stores, and modular synthesis.


  • 002: Record Store Takeover

Special Guests

Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson performs under the name Nasty Nachos. The project exists as an experiment in improvisation mixed with preconceived sequences and parts to create a dance-able, energetic performance with influences from house, techno, and disco alike.