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GoPro Footage of Synth Patrol Live – Event 001: Drones to Drums and Back

Heads up. I uploaded GoPro audio and video footage from Wednesday Nov 13, 2019 performance at the Wmd Devices warehouse as part of a Rocky Mountain Syntheszier Meetup event to YouTube.

I also created a YouTube Playlist for this and other upcoming videos.

Drones to Drums and Back

We performed the first piece in our repertoire called “Drones to Drums and Back” on all Elektron Gear with visuals with players:


Eddie Corcoran (aka Méchant Métrique) – Elektron Digitone and Analog Heat, Live Mix

Victor John (aka Cold Future) – Elektron Machine Drum & Monomachine, Board Recording

Malia Martinez (aka Neptune Luau) – Elektron Digitakt, Camera Placement

Mark Mosher – Interactive Visuals with live camera input, Archival Video

Special guest Alex Anderson on WMD Gieger Counter Pro

Artistic Team

Mark Mosher – Director, Graphical Score, Opening Film, PR

Eddie Corcoran – Opening film theme song, sound reinforcement

Victor John & Malia Martinez – Rehearsal space

Victoria Lundy of Cuttlefish Arts – Synth Patrol brand identity consulting and logo

By Mark Mosher

Synthesist, Electronic Musician, Multimedia Artist | Founder of the Rocky Mountain Synth Meet and Synth Patrol

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