Synth Patrol produces pop-up improvisational electronic music & multimedia performances with rotating squads of players. Performances are based on a growing repertoire of creative missions. Synth Patrol HQ is in Boulder, CO.

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Mark Mosher
Creative Director

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Mission 001: Teaser / Intro Video
Mission 002: Teaser Video
Mission 02: Highlights from Live Record Store Takeover


Upcoming Performances

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PAST Performances

Event 002: Record Store Take Over

Saturday December 21st, 2019

I’m happy to announce a special event at Little Horse Books, Vintage & Vinyl in downtown Louisville. I’ve arranged with the owner to do a record store takeover with the Synth Patrol.

On this mission, the Synth Patrol squad will be meetup members The Aefonic (aka Brian Horsfield), Cold Future (aka Victor John), monoscene (aka Christoph Scholtes) and Newecho (aka me). We will be live sampling random needle drops on random or shopper-selected vinyl to improvise a live soundscape. I’ll accompany all this with psychedelic visuals.

Event 001: Drones to Drums and Back

Wednesday November 13, 2019

Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup
Wmd – 1145 W Custer Pl · Denver, CO

An improvisation on Elektron synthesizers with a special guest star on a WMD Geiger Counter Pro with accompanying improvised visuals.

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